Barbell Shrugged

What We Learned About Our Audience Via the Shrugged Strength Test

Doug Larson


  • Very cool look at the data. I’d love to see histograms and a little more statistical analysis as well. If you make the raw data available (anonymized, of course) I could take a stab at some visualizations, and I’m sure others would as well.

    • Thanks, Jonathan. We’ll keep you posted on the next steps. I’d like to rerun the numbers in a few months, collect, then hopefully have a cool system make the data public and sort through different fields as you wish.

  • Would you recommend the Strength Challenge to someone who is currently struggling to meet, or even come close in some movements, “Brooke’s” averages. I am not new to the movements but have definitely run the course of ups and downs the past few years in my fitness level. I am at a point now where I want to re-focus and get over this “hump” but afraid I might be to far behind in strength to handle the volume.

  • Jennifer,
    I think the SSC would definitely be something for you. This will be a program that can get you stronger. We have scaling and adjustments written out in there for you if you can’t do certain lifts or movements. You won’t just be thrown into the program with no guidance on how to adjust things.
    Hope that helps

  • Awesome idea to give your readers a look into how they can improve their overall strength levels! I think the lack of pull strength to push strength is very common. I’ve seen it in the majority of my clients.

  • I have a home gym (crossfit) with no globo gym machines. Would free weights and typical crossfit apparatus (general I know) be sufficient enough to get me through the challenge?

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