Barbell Shrugged

Strong, Lean, and Athletic: Diesel Dad 30 Days Challenge w/ Anders Varner and Doug Larson- Barbell Shrugged #535

“We help busy dads get strong, lean, and athletic without sacrificing family, fatherhood, or fitness.”

– Diesel Dad

What you want:

A strong, lean, and athletic body that you are proud of.

What you are missing most right now.

Confidence – Believing in yourself is hard when you don’t feel good in your body.

Discipline – When time gets tough, you fall off the wagon, and struggle getting back on.

Competence – The lack of confidence and discipline bleeds into every area of life. If you can’t take care of yourself it makes taking care of others even more challenging.

These are the traits of leaders, role models, and every dad deserves to have them.

Fitness, Family, and Fatherhood are essential to happiness and busy dads should have a fitness program that ensures the success of all three.

Join the Diesel Dad Challenge Now.

We get it…

Our coaches are all dads and we know how busy life gets.

Low energy turns into missing the gym, bad food choices, and without knowing it, you put 15 pounds on in all the wrong places.

Even worse, it beats you down mentally and emotionally.

It feels like the mountain is just too high to climb.

The Diesel Dad Challenge is by dads, for dads, to get you strong, lean, and athletic.

Let us be your guide.

Join the Diesel Dad Challenge Now.

In this Episode of Barbell Shrugged:

  1. Why we created the Diesel Dad Challenge
  2. Why you need to get strong, lean, and athletic
  3. Why training is so hard being a dad
  4. Building consistency first thing in the morning
  5. How to training, eat, and win the Diesel Dad Challenge

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