Barbell Shrugged

You are as strong as you want to be

Doug Larson

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  • Hey Chris, you are completely right! But you already know that 😉 Its uncanny that I saw this post today because last night I hit an equal PB on my jerk, for 3, in trainers, and power cleaned it from the floor, which I’ve never done in my life. I have been having a really stressful few days, starting university at 26, moving house, leaving my job etc. I finished up in the library at 5:30pm last night (Friday!?) and asked a buddy if I could join in with he’s CF class at 6pm. I saw Split jerk 3’s on the board and immediately I thought “yes, I’m going to put some big weight up today, I don’t give a shit how it goes up, its going up!” Thankfully my movement and integrity didn’t allow me to perform any ugly lifts and I walked away with my head held high and everyone else in the class gauping “who the fuck is this guy, I thought we were just working tekkerz?”

    You guys are a true inspiration to me as a teacher and I appreciate all your work. Thanks!

    Tom, London

    Woh, sorry about the long response!

  • Chris! Mate! Fuck knows what I can write in reply, but I wanted you to know that it resonated (and is still bouncing around) in my head. Best stuff I have read so far.

    I am, and remain, an avid fan of your written and spoken work.


  • Chris,
    I can’t believe this…but your words really hit me. Needed to wipe my eyes for just a sec..
    Train the mind…that’s something I really have to work on.

    Anyway I think your articles are amazing. The philosophical ones especially. You have awesome insight. A modern day guru…IMO

    Please keep writing and inspiring! We’ll keep reading!


  • Love this post Chris! The portions about your physical strength not mattering if your mind is weak, and the importance of who you surround yourself with really hit home.

    And definitely saving that quote! Thank you!

  • Chris,

    man, everything y’all are doing these days is just resonating with me. Took a few weeks off from work and just kinda got back to square one mentally and a lot of that is articles like this and the Shrugged and Buddha podcasts, as well as a little of Travis Mash’s Barbell Life podcast. During my short vaca I burned through Progress (one of the better $5 I’ve spent) and, man, it’s like a floodgate of awesome rushing over me. Love the Daily, thanks for putting this together, and look forward to everything y’all are putting out for us!


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