Barbell Shrugged

A Quick Guide to Supplements

Doug Larson

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  • Thank you for the post Dr. Galpin! Great as always.

    Just wondering what is your take on artificial sweaters? Particularly sucralose. In the “Paleo” community they are touted as death and I was wondering what your opinion on them is? Some BCAA are flavored with them which is why I’m asking. Also because plain BCAA taste like hell!


  • What brand of fish oil do you recommend? I have been using Carlsons liquid and it seems to be good, but how do you know? Thanks

      • Have you tried SFH fish oils? Been on them over a year now. Great product. How many grams of bcaa preworkout do you suggest to improve endurance or at least the proper dosage to enhance performance? What do you suggest preworkout for a gym session to get “zoned in” without all the heavy caffeinated preworkout supps out there. Any nootropics I could take improve that neuromuscular connection?! Thanks. Sorry for all the questions.

    • Check out, they test and rate various supplements, including fish oil. I’ve been relying on them to guide me toward the best quality supplements. Nordic Natural (the one Dr. Galpin takes) is rated pretty highly for example.

  • You showed a pic of BCAAs bit don’t discuss use or timing? Are your only recommendations fish oil, D3, creatine, beta-alanine, and a recovery protein? Is this because most recovery proteins have BCAAs as well?

    • Didn’t have time to get to it. EAA are far more important to consider. Got no problem with BCAA, but my quality protein consumption+3fuel I take gets me plenty of EAA, no real need for a bonus of Leucine, etc.

      • Thanks for the info Dr. Andy.
        Quick question:
        So if I’m drinking 3fuel, BCAAs aren’t necessary but EAAs (essential amino acids?) would be a nice addition?

  • I started using Karbolyn pre and post workouts. Usually 25 g pre with a BCAA and post I supplement my Isopure protein with another 25 g post. White Rice and sweet potato are my dominant source of Carbs. Since I started with Karbolyn I have noticed a profound improvement in my late wod stamina in cardio dominant programming.
    Any thoughts on these fast absorbing carbohydrates?

  • Real simple question – fat dude (108kg with a 120kg clean / 180kg squat) trying to improve strength and conditioning and ‘lean’ up – protein shake plus creatine (5mg a day), or no protein shake and creatine a day?

    • More complex than you think. Protein shakes are convenient, but not mandatory in your case. Depends on what time you train, what you’re eating before and after, how you’re professing, etc. Do what makes you feel best for now. If you stagenate, change.

  • what are your thoughts on Vitargo as a pre and during workout drink .

    I usually train early morning and it’s tough for me to eat to stay fueled during my workouts

    Pre and during workout drink would include Vitargo , creatine , bata alanine , bcaa . I currently don’t add a protein should I ?

    Thoughts ?

    • Minimal benefits, but little cost and almost no risk. Can’t hurt, especially if you aren’t so hot on getting in the veggies

    • To clarify Andy, do you mean you hate ‘all-in-one’ products that contain protein, creatine, BCAAs etc? And if so, is it mainly because of inflated cost? Or do you cite a lack of quality?
      Thanks for the advice.

  • Does age factor in when taking supplements. I’m a 46 year old male. Never taken them before except for fish oil. Thanks. Love your show.

      • No as in the risk outweighs the benefit or no as in I’m not touching that with a 10′ pole! As many people said on here, it is so hard to find a place to get good, unbiased information. Thanks man.

        • All of the above. Very rarely do I see a scenario where DHEA is needed. Usually many more important things. And remember, I work with athletes, so I’ll literally never prescribe banned substance

  • Here’s my question: With so much information coming out about fake supplements being sold in reputable chain stores. ….how can we tell what is real or not? Any thoughts on the Barbell Shrugged boys creating an independent supplement oversight group to help reign on such a corrupt market? 😉

  • How do you evaluate the quality of the supplement. It seems there there are no regulations or grades on something even as widely sold as whey protein.

    • True. Lots of government website that are very helpful, but I stick to people I know personally, when possible . Tough though.

  • Hey Dr. Galpin, love reading your stuff! Do you have any familiarity with some of the more obscure supps? Pine pollen, nettle root, mushrooms, etc… supposedly natural test boosters and aromatase inhibitors. Also, you made it sound like your goal of improving conditioning is in opposition to your goal of longevity. I’m hoping that’s not the case?

    • Not as well documented as the ones I listed. Could be useful in situations (i.e. traveling, etc.), but I noticed little effects personally and the data aren’t as robust

    • Note enough data. Could be useful. Try to not make public recommendations until a plethora of data exists.

  • Quick question. Instead of a Preworkout what about taking a BCAA drink instead? I do take a protein drink after working out and one in the morning. Each serving has 5grms of BCAA. Good idea or am I better with the previous workout. Thx

    • Tough question. “Pre-workout” is analogous to “back pain”. It would mean absolutely anything. I hate cocktail supplements for the most part. Would have to know the whole package/proprietary blend (i.e. exact concentrations) before I can answer.

  • Love hearing what different people use – and you definitely provide some reasonable guidelines.

    Curious on your thoughts about BioSteel’s Performance Drink, if you are familiar with the product, as a pre/during training?

    Thanks as always

    • Thanks for the compliment. I’m not familiar, which is usually a bad thing. I honestly can’t really see how anybody can be 3Fuel as a during training drink. Those guys really nailed it.

      • Hi! I too use 3FU3L and have yet to discover anything better out there!! So many of the males in my WŁ club use the C4 and swear by it as a preworkout. Horrible ingredients and it definitely goes against your advice on being relaxed that you mention in episode 159. Am I interpreting that correctly? Meaning should stimulants be avoided?
        Thank you for all of the excellent material you put out there!! I am terrible at WŁ but determined to get better!! 🙂

  • Hi Andy. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It’s always a pleasure to read your information. Quick question : are you taking protein/carbs only during your workout and not post-workout? I’m asking because right now, I’m focusing on strength, and I take my protein/carb shake just after my training session and would have a full meal with rice and chicken an hour later. Could I do better there? Many thanks in advance.

    • You’re too kind, Sir. No such thing as better, in that case. I prefer DURING (because I get toooooo damn hungry!). But before, or post would be fine. Some good science on the topic, but the ultimate trump card is “how does it feel on your stomach?”. Go by that first.



    • I usually don’t. They seem to have a minimal (but sometimes significant) effect on most. Be more concerned with EAA, good protein, timing, good sleep, lots of veggies, etc.

      BCAA are usually a second or tertiary concern for me.

    • Not enough data for me to recommend as a blanket statement recommendation for to the public. Could be useful, though.

  • What are your thoughts about nighttime recovery supplements for females like zma. It has testosterone in it which from what I have read is ok to a point. Thoughts???? My activity level is high I crossfit and am in the final weeks of training for a 15k.

    • Rarely do people need Testosterone as a 1st step. Fix sleep and food and most of this will work itself out. ZMA could/could not be of help. Might as well try and see. Some evidence to support, but not as robust as my list.

  • Great info! Question: I have a lady friend that seems to be not feeling well more than feeling well. She is a stressed out college student with a decent diet, decent sleep cycle and exercises about one or two times a week. She takes fish oil and sometimes a whey protein sup. Any guidance to help her immune system and/or energy level?

    • Your friend’s issue have nothing to do with a supplement, likely. She needs to reduce stress. Millions of options. Find the one that fits her. Trust me, the vast majority of “school” induced stress is self-inflicted. Supplements are not her solution.

  • Andy, what is your opinion on Biotest supplements? I’ve heard lots of mixed reviews ranging from absolute crap to the god to supplements. Very pricey.

  • I was wondering what your thoughts are on the Syntha 6 protein. I have been trying to decide between that or the Progenex. I go to the gym at least 4 times a week. Im still beginner. I do both Crossfit and just took up Olympic lifting. However am looking for something that will help aid me during these long days and help me. I eat 80 percent clean and try to incorporate enough protein,carbs,etc in my diet. What can you recommend?

  • Not really a question in the frame of the subject, but I’m going to paticipate in a testosterone study in Sweden, where they are going to inject me with something (don’t remember the name) that stops my body from produce testosterone. And after three weeks they are going to inject me with testosterone to make the testo level go up to normal again. Do you know if there’s any problem on training hard during these 3-weeks?
    Or any big risks with the study at all ?

    • Hahah yes, plenty of risk! Keep training though, just be aware of how you feel….this going down at KI? Great place. I worked there for a bit with Dr. Per Tesch.

  • For different goals (always very low BF, want max lean muscle gain), how would suggestion differ?

    Thanks for the help!


  • Are you familiar with Advocare performance products . I’m a beginner in Cross fit and Olympic weight lifting.

  • Very nice with your balanced advise!
    I wonder how eating a boiled egg stacks up against eating other protein supplements (I use eggs as my protein supplement). How many eggs would be needed, any positive or negative side effects to consider?

    • Real food is almost always better, but tough to take DURING training (which is when I use my protein supplements – 3 fuel).

  • In your post you said “I start the day with fish oil at breakfast – About 2-3 grams of a high quality EPA/DHA.”

    1000mg = 1g and you said you take 2-3 grams in the morning and night. Also you said you take Nordic natural brand fish oil, which has 650mg EPA and 450mg DHA in a serving size of 2 pills. So are you meaning you take 8 plus fish oil pills in the morning and again at night? Just trying to see where you got 2-3grams from for you dosages of morning and evening.

    – Austin

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your input! Could you give me your opinion on the ATP – Athletic Therapeutic Pharma brand? They have a very large array of supplements.. Thanks for your help!

  • Hello I am Gabriel from Sweden and I have a question about fish oil.

    I have been looking at different fish oils over at this site

    I saw that the one you suggested is 90% EPA DHA according to this site.

    Would it be ok to choose a cheaper product that has a higher %.

    I have no idea if I can trust this site or not. But I am not a rich guy and nordic naturals is quite pricy for me.

    Thank you

  • I always appreciate the non-nonsense information provided by Dr. Galpin. Thanks for this. Will re-evaluate my bargain fish oil.

  • This was a good article to read and understand how supplements work. I ordered the supplements you talked about in your article. Now my question is would it hurt if you are taking mult-vitamin, fat burners, CLA, plus drinking BCAA all day in a 1 gallon jug?

    Don’t know if any of these will supplements will mess with each other and not product the proper workout plus getting lean.

    What’s your thought?

  • Thanks for the article, Dr. Galpin. Very informative. If you are going to start taking creatine, should you go through a “loading” phase during the first week?

  • thank for sharing your thoughts on the supplements. I did have a question about the Fish oil. I did find a brand that has hight dosage of EPA / DHA

    Ocean Blue Professional Omega-3 2100 Softgels
    Softgels containing 2,100 mg Omega-3 fatty acids per serving
    1,350 mg EPA per serving
    600 mg DHA per serving
    150 mg other Omega-3

    Now do you thing taking 2 pills a day at this dosage is good? One in the morning, and the other one at night time before bed?

    • I think you’re fine, yes. Most of the higher quality oil’s have plenty of dose. If you have any inflammation, soreness, joint pain, etc, you might ease it up to see if symptoms go away. Otherwise, no need in doing much more than 2 servings of this.

  • I am so obsessed with food but every time I look in the mirror it makes me feel so disappointed on myself. I did want lose weight but can’t help to eat and eat more food, I already use all kinds of method on diet like keto, vegetarian, vegan etc. but it won’t work because of my eagerness to eat foods. So, I began to research what can help me on losing my weight and to lose appetite and I saw this A report from The American Journal of Medicine explains that regular marijuana use was associated with lower levels of fasting insulin and smaller waist circumference. Cbd and thc are also new to me and I don’t even smoke. Alternatively, they’ve also found new ways to infuse cannabis on food and beverages. If this is true I can’t find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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