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The #1 Exercise You’re Probably Not Doing That Can Help You Pull Under When Snatching- TechniqueWOD

Doug Larson


  • I spent 10 years in the coed cheerleading world and every time you toss a girl (lingo that means throw her up in the air) you are performing a mid thigh pull or power clean. The difference is the transition from hips to when you catch ( catch is actually catching their feet after the leave your grip). This is the most important phase in partner stunting. We call the end of this phase a flick, if you don’t have the proper wrist motion (flicking motion) you lose all the energy. If you have an S shape movement in cheerleading you will not be able to toss a girl. I teach power cleans, mid thigh pulls etc the way I teach partner stunting. Embrace the upward force you have created, don’t try to change it or “muscle through” it. Too many people try to muscle through the transition phase. But you have already generated the needed force before the transition phase.

    Nick CSCS

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