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The Best Of: Olympic Weightlifting on Barbell Shrugged

Doug Larson


  • thank you for bringing all the good stuff and all the handworking! I’m a regular listener to your podcasts and I have to say your presentation is utterly enjoyable!
    Just a thing to ask: Would you please stop referring to weakness as being P@ssy! I knowwww the source of the word is not what I think it is and blah blah blah … but come on! You’re smart guys and you know what I mean!

    • Well, this is not something we’ve done in some time. I think you’d note, as the show has developed with time we’ve cut down on a lot of that kind of language. We curse still, sure, but only as it would naturally come up in conversation with a buddy.
      Thanks for the comment. Cheers,

      • No, don’t stop or even cut down on cursing! it provides the necessary punctuation. Only pussies complain about that shit!
        Sorry, could not resist. But seriously don’t edit yourselves, continue to be yourselves.

        • Relax you two Dave A and Louie! I didn’t ask for cutting down all the swearing and if I did they never gonna do that! I just asked to stop using the cursed words that are associated with gender, identity, race, etc. and I don’t think having control over your emotions when using a language should be that difficult for those – including you and me – who are trying to make themselves a better person in mind, body and heart every day! Having said that trying to stop your tongue which is also a muscle in your body might actually help to develop one more muscle and makes you a better athlete! So that’s something to think about!

      • That’s right and I happened to notice that quite well! Actually your cursing language makes it more real and natural which makes the whole show tasteful and exotic!
        You’re doing a damn well great job and thank you all for that.

  • I agree with Dave A. Please do not edit your commentary. In this world of hyper sensitive political correctness,the only respite we have is the honesty of our fitness comrades. As fitness minded individuals, our world revolves around the reality of our existence, and our language is the conduit through which we connect with each other. Continue to do what you do and we will always be friends!

  • I love your podcast. Still have to learn so much about lifting and it is not that easy to get information and insides like you provide on Barbell Shrugged..

  • I Personally would like the cutting back on the swearing, do to the fact my staff uses your podcasts at times as a tool for strength and conditioning classes in South Florida schools because you guys put out great info in a setting the kids find enjoyable but when the F bomb is dropped, you lose them to the language…and then have to hear from the parents. Bluh.

    • A note: Our show comes with a language warning on the label. It’s mature content intended to educate and entertain… and t’s filled with natural conversation that, yes, sometimes includes a curse or two. We are working on educational materials that might be better suited to a class. In any case, thanks for listening. We’re working to make it all better and better.

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