Barbell Shrugged

The biggest nutrition mistake that female lifters make

Doug Larson

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  • What is a good example of caloric deficit to make sure a weightlifter is building muscle while targeting fat loss?

    What if with lifting I can maintain weight at 2200 calories. How much of a deficit should I do to lost 40 pounds of fat?

    • This is exactly why calories in vs. calories out makes no sense. And also why the count your macros is also too simplistic. It’s all about hormones and eliciting the right hormonal response to build muscle while losing fat. And it’s not just food. Sleep, stress, and a whole host of lifestyle factors are just as important.

    • Try the Renaissance Diet book it’s amazing and explains how much macros is good for your body weight and how to do it if you’re trying to cut weight and keep your strength
      It explains the deficit in detail ! The books is only like 30 dollars but it’s worth it

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