Barbell Shrugged

The Common Qualities of Amazing Athletes, Coaches & Righteous Human Beings

Doug Larson


  • Loved this conversation. Much of what you guys talked about seems to start very early in the education process, in which our education system focus on outcomes (grades, GPA, SAT scores, etc.) as opposed to the desire to learn. So sad.

    Thanks for the ideas. Loved the perspective.

  • dudes,

    this was my favorite episode yet. fucking nailed it, and hit hard on some things I am currently working on in my life.


  • Hey Guys,
    Been listening to you guys for about a year now, mostly on and off when I deploy. On the topic of learning; with so much content out there (written, podcasts, video, etc), how do you guys decide which content to absorb for yourselves? How do you prioritize?


  • Enjoyed the podcast, throughout you allude to some principles of high performance – would be great to get a website / contact details to get some more information on this please.



    • Luke, the ideas we eluded to a key for any part of life. If you search those terms online, like knowing versus learning, etc, you can discover books, etc on those topics. We covered a lot of ground, so going back and pulling together resources might take too long. Just keep exploring what these ideas mean to you…powerful start.

  • Hey fellas!
    It was mentioned how you learned so much about yourself and others when you asked questions instead of just direct the athlete in the movements. Can you help with some examples on what type of questions you asked? as a newbie coach i struggle with creating a bond with some of the athletes. I not only want to train them properly but i want to be able to know them so i can properly motivate- maybe book suggestions?
    Thanks 😉

      • Oh joy! thanks Chris and that same day i looked up book suggestions you recommended and i don’t read nor have the time so i found some on audio-books- meditations was a great suggestion! i also read (ok listened to) the 50th law by 50 cent and Robert Greene. Mainly about how to achieve your dreams by thinking and approaching everything for long term goals, and taking your time. they dabbled a little with personalty traits here too. and lots of examples of historical figures.

        Thanks again!

        • Read more. I know you don’t feel as though you have the time, but everyone does. The secret I learned years ago is to just read when you’re able. 15 minutes first thing in the morning. While waiting in line. While riding a bus, or checking out groceries. Wherever you have a few minutes of idle time, you can/should read. It will be a cumulative effect that could change your life more than anything else. I know audio books are cool, but, I recon an hour of listening is worth…maybe…a few minutes of reading. To read is to borrow another person’s consciousness. You think like them, at their pace. When you listen, you are passive.

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