Barbell Shrugged

The Gymnastics Episode: Perfect Human Movement

Doug Larson


  • Another fantastic episode Guys. You keep raising the bar with inspiring content. And I think I may have fallen in love. And I don’t mean with Mike.

  • To quote Barbellbudda oh my gosh that was an absolutly awesome episode,the intro was top notch, and the ladies are hoofing! In every aspect they come across informative, inspiring and so amazing in general. Cheers for a great show keep up the good work. Oh and Dougs little rant so funny you “GEEK”

  • From the youtube comments, I get the impression this might be a more polarizing episode but I’m with the camp that thoroughly enjoyed the content. Overall it well motivates learning and training movement as what might be found in gymnastic programming. Sure the guests were nervous and you can see it in their delivery, but their points still got across. The intro really showcased how impressive what training through progressions can accomplish. I was awestruck. I support the variety I see on this show, so please keep up the great work.

  • Definitely enjoyed bringing an emphasis on progression to the masses. So often ego and competitive drive get into the way of mastering basics and people can’t see the big picture. I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of athletes who believe in the process and in the end they have seem much better gains and avoided injury as compared to those who want to go “Rx” ASAP! Important topic, and excellent Technique WOD by Nicole thrown in, thanks!

  • I found the idea of patience and looking at the long term really resonated with me. Whether it be gymnastic movements or Olympic lifting, sometimes I find I get ahead of myself and burn out mentally with what I am trying to accomplish. So its always good reinforcement to hear the concept of consider the big picture, keep working, and keep your goals in mind but never think it will happen overnight. Overall, I thought everything was very helpful and are things I will have to think about when I’m training and on the verge of frustration.

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