Barbell Shrugged

The Tao of Rich Froning

Doug Larson


  • Your point about “play” at the beginning of the article really touched home with me. If I’m doing something that I enjoy, even if almost anybody else would call it work, it’s play. That isn’t to say I’m not serious and focused. I am. I’m just serious and focused about the game.

  • Hey Chris for some reason I couldn’t comment on the podcast I listened to about strength and endurance and was hoping for some direction. I am a crossfit athlete for about 9 months but have went all In and would to one day compete. And I’m trying to obviously work on the gymnastic movements( I.e muscles ups butter fly ups etc) but how do you become overall better with strength and build that high anaerobic threshold to do metcons at that 80% pacing but still kill it like rich froning . do you do tabatas? Intervals metcons? Could you please point me in some direction of understanding to help with programming to be better with all this.

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