Barbell Shrugged

How to Workout and Eat Healthy While Traveling – EPISODE 154

Doug Larson

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  • I was hoping for a longer episode to hear about everything you guys learned but I guess that will come distributed through the next few podcasts. Love to listen to you guys and it’s fun to see your continuous growth since I discovered your podcast two years so. Keep giving it your all I will always be listening!

  • Am just coming back from Jeddah KSA training the Ministry of National Guard’s medical command. So, I fell into one trap…”not getting to the Affiliate that is here”…traffic/driving is insane, have you ever driven in a middle east country?…so I will go to it end of the month when I come back to conduct training at the Medical Command.
    But, what I did do…in a country that frowns on showing anything above the knees (guys and especially women), e.g. running outside…Treadmill & BW exercises…
    1K Run + 4 Rds of 20 Push Ups / Sit Ups / Squats + 1K Run…all in the little Hotel gym.
    5 Rds of 400M Run + 21-15-9-15-21 Push Ups / Sit Ups / Squats…same little gym.

  • Would love to hear type of bags used; How did you pack; Etc… Love listening to your podcasts…its a nice treat from the US to hear.

  • Yeah, good show. All of this stuff people usually figure out after traveling several times but good ideas and good to know what you guys are doing as a sanity check for us. I’ve learned more from barbell shrugged in the past 6 months than I’ve learned in 18 years of weight lifting. Thanks!

  • Great episode Gentlemen, keep it up. A practical question reference Mike’s coconut oil: how does he travel with the stuff? It’s solid most of the time but could go liquid with temperature and TSA hates liquid in carry-ons… Recommend any brand baby food containers or similar? Does he just chuck a jar of the stuff in his checked bag and forget the carry-on?

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