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5 Key Habits Christmas Abbott Wants You To Form – EPISODE 156

Doug Larson

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  • During your the interview you guys posed the question “what does it take to qualify being a nutrition specialist”
    Check this out there is a certification for this research it. It is very in depth and worth the time if you are willing to constantly in prove you knowledge base for fitness. I have it and the information has helped me answer so many more questions and aid people in nutrition.

    Brian Clarke
    BS Exercise Science, NASM OPT, CES, PES, NFS, USAW, Crossfit level 1, NASE certified

  • Just caught up on another Great Episode Guys \O/…
    also wanted to mention that in yesterdays CF Video Sage (Burgener) Mertz mentions at the end of her cueing Jason Khalipa to bump the bar “up” and not “out”…reminded me of the podcast you had with Diane Fu…who spoke to how the Russians train their technique at driving the bar as straight up the plumb line as possible.

    As always…you guys Rock…I need to get back over to Memphis (from Hopkinsville KY)
    Happy New Year!

  • Correct a Nutritionist is not a registered profession. Technically anyone can call them self a nutritionist. A dietician IS a registered profession and schooling is needed and writing a registry exam is required.

  • Hey guys, thanks for the awesome podcast! I listened to this last week and LOOOOOOVED IT! Just wanted to share with you something. I’ve been thinking hard about the ‘trying new things’ point. This is something I already do and I try to incorporate the saying ‘yes’ to most things technique- which is usually successful. But something clicked when you related the lessons you’ve learnt on the lifting stage… this is something the terrifies the living bejesus out of me. I love Olympic lifting, but getting up in front of people ONLY looking at me while I do something technical is not something I’ve ever wanted to do! After years of Crossfit comps, I’ve always said a loud NO to the stage… so I thought… what would happen to me if I said yes? What can I learn from this? So I’m going to do it!!!
    Your upcoming training guide could not come at a better time! So wish me luck and THANK YOU so so much for everything you (you guys and Christmas) share, cos it is changing lives 🙂

  • This episode and the previous were great, y’ll should definitely keep the music montage going. Takes the show to a new level. It would be great if y’all did a bunch more episodes where you do the super slow mo like the one chad vaughn did on and implement them into your show. Just a thought!

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