Barbell Shrugged

Anders Lindsjo Coaching the Snatch w/ Christmas Abbott – TechniqueWOD

Doug Larson


  • That was incredibly insightful! So many times I find myself wanting to “get through” the lift so I can check it off the list, but this approach of slowing way down and working on the small details of the lift is great! I will Definitely be using this technique

  • I have to say he’s extremely good, he’s my “trainer”/ educator/ mentor and every time I talk with him, even after 3 years, I get fascinated how smart he is.

  • Wow! That was intense. It even made me forget how hot Christmas Abbott is. Really shows the mental aspect of the lift and how much it takes to do it correctly.

  • Awesome coaching session to watch, thanks for getting that for us! Now I am dying to know: what is the rest of the progression!? What happens if you hit 4 identical snatches making more significant contact?

  • This was perhaps the most interesting video on technique that I have ever seen. I appreciate very much what you guys are doing even though I am not the biggest fan of crossfit I am a huge fan of the exposure and perspective that you bring in your shows; not that it matters: I have my CSCS and I am an Olympic lifting certified coach and a BJJ student, as well as 46 years old, Keep it 100.

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