Barbell Shrugged

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon: Why You Should Stop Paying Attention to Body Fat Percentage and Start Building Muscle — Barbell Shrugged #367

Anders Varner


  • Fasting & Keto raises cortisol and zaps testosterone, the same with carnivore. These diets are &%#$!!! ridiculous for athletes. Chris Masterjohn PHD discusses all of this on his YouTube channel. You can do low carb and low intensity exercise, through oxidative phosphorylation that will burn fat. But low carb and high intensity exercise will put you on a path to metabolic dysfunction, through thyroid and cortisol imbalances. The anaerobic activity in the cell is too much and can not be adapted to ketones, its not the diet, it’s the delivery system for the right kind of exercise. Charles Polliquin has this on his website, the three energy systems of the body. You need glucose as an energy source for powerlifting, crossfit, and bodybuilding, and full livery glycogen to convert T4 or T3 and optimal hormone levels. Through gluconeogensis your body breaks down amino acids and raises cortisol disrupting the endocrine system, because you want to eat more beef than eat rice.

    Dr. lyons says her cycle disappeared, thyroid and cortisol went out of balances with over training. Gluconeogenesis is not optimal for liver or muscle glycogen. Low carb diets are not optimal for anyone serious about training. Carbcycling and carb backloading are bodybuilding protocols that cater carbs around this cortisol response.

    low stomach acid can be caused from a lack of potassium!!!

    End result
    low carb = Aerobic
    High carb = Anaerobic

    Full liver glycogen is so important for endocrine health.

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