Barbell Shrugged

Building a bulletproof back

Doug Larson

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  • This article is amazing! I have had a spinal fusion from having the same exact injuries as Lindy and have never been able to find any information about working out with this problem. Its so inspiring to see that there is someone else out there who overcame this issue and didn’t stop legitimately working out. I can’t believe she’s able to lift and be so strong with those issues. This article is ridiculously cool! Thanks for all this info!

  • This is a great article! It can be used by athletes from all backgrounds. The bird-dog exercise was really helpful for my own back injury. A progression I really like for it involves therabands. Take two therabands and make a loop on each end. Place the loop of one theraband around your foot and the other loop around your contralateral hand. Do the same with the other theraband and other foot/hand. Complete the exercise as normal. Of course, proper form should come before using bands or moving up in band strength. Isometric holds at the top are also another way to progress this exercise.

  • I have a lumbar herniated disk since I was 17 years old (around 2007). It was horrible, I went to the hospital and then the doctor gave me a kind of a corset, so my back was straight. Then, after a month, I had to go to swimming therapies to recover my back and also with a fisiotherapist.

    I only run and did aerobic exercises, and I remember when I saw a video of crossfit. It was the 2013 regionals and somehow it was a women event. Then I saw you not dropping the bar and the sports commentator saying “her doctor said you will never squat again” and that’s how I started to like Crossfit.

    Since then, I’ve been figuring out how to get into the gym to lift heavy weights just as you did.

    Thank you Lindy! Love your article.

    You’re a big inspiration for many people, including me.

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