Barbell Shrugged

Breaking Through Diet Dogma with Stephanie Gaudreau – Episode 249

Doug Larson


  • Great episode as normal. For myself, about the only thing I try to limit is alcohol and refined sugar. That works. It doesn’t work for my brother-in-law. As you all said, eat what works.

    In regards to the Technique WOD, wow! That was awesome. Even for a relative newbie, taking that time to work at something until I’m satisfied with the result is a great takeaway. Definitely something I’m going to work on.

  • Great podcast. A lot of valuable information. Stephanie is awesome. For those who are scared to cook or don’t have cooking skills, I like using “hello fresh” the dishes are tasty and real easy to prepare. I’ve never had a bad meal and you don’t have to spend a lot of time shopping.

  • Could somebody confirm that the book Doug & Stephanie name checked was “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu*k” I was listening to the podcast in the car at the time so didn’t have the chance to write it down.

    Massive fan of the show, keep up the good work!

  • Hello,

    Stephanie mentioned her husband having a histamine intolerance. I’ve been training for the last 1.5 years after taking a hiatus of four years off due to one excuse or another and have been eating clean and back in November started having intense eczema flare ups. I have wondered if it was some how related to my diet (even though its mostly clean) or the weight lifting? My question is for Stephanie if there was a way her husband was able to find what his triggers are?


  • Great episode. Recently discovered you guys and the show has been a great distraction through cardio.

    I love the idea Stephanie puts forward of just do what works for you. Don’t get hung up on the complex ideas and concepts of diets.

    As a father of five, I usually have zero time so meal prep and doing what works for us has seen the most success

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