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How I Go Heavy – Two Methods for Programming The Olympic Lifts

Doug Larson

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  • Of course another great article.

    Few simple questions though on the knees….
    Lifting heavy has caused me to have some knee pain. I am sure most of it has to do with technique. I really put an emphasis on mobility and try to do my best with technique. Obviously a bigger issue in terms of heavier loads.

    I just want to know if you have some tips on this?

    Such as

    a) Knee pain. How to alleviate knee pain properly (what do you think of icing).
    b) How can I strengthen the knee
    c) How do I prevent future knee issues.


    • When/where specifically does pain occur? Do you run/jump a bunch too? Do you have a history in sport? There’s lots that can be going on. You can ice and use ibuprofen. You should wear knee sleeves or light wraps to hold in heat and provide light support while you train. But you won’t strengthen the knee to reduce pain. You have to take away the irritating factors, or injury if you have something like articular damage.

      • What about patellar tendonitis? From going heavy on the squats twice a week along with 2 heavy days of Olympic lifting? Squatting done on the same days. Not sure if it’s my age of 41, but I fine the snatched and cleans that I love stress my knees out but don’t cause pain during the workout. Just during rest days the patella tendon feels inflammed. A physical therapist tried to say my squat was too deep. I couldn’t take her seriously. I took my Naprosyn before the wod. Tumblr..roll over my sensitive tendons before and after the work out. And hope for the best with omega 3s…and MSM..supplements. After dealing with the pain and laying off squats for 1.5 months…. felt better just doing the Olympic lifts heavy with technique and heavy deadlines and pulls. Now I feel much better and squat heavy only once a week. Just wish I could deal with more frequent workouts and more volume. I don’t recover well if I do more than 2 days of barbell club.

        • Everyone wishes they could train more frequently. That’s why anabolic steroids and such are used in performance…They help you to recover quickly, so you can work more and improve faster. You can still lift heavy without it. You can still improve and get stronger. But!!! …The work and pace will/must be reduced. I say all that because the same limits apply to masters athletes. Your ability to lift heavy is there, but not with the frequency of someone who’s 25.

  • Can you explain more how you would break these lifts down throughout the week? How often would you do snatches and cleans at these percentages and reps each week?

  • Great article! I really appreciate all of the solid information barbellshrugged puts out. Are these methods geared toward strength? I want to get stronger but I also need to add some size so If I were to incorporate the 2nd method using her rep scheme for deadlift, squats, snatch , and clean&jerk twice each a week would it offer enough volume to increase mass as well as strength?

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