Barbell Shrugged

Interview with 5/3/1 author Jim Wendler

Doug Larson

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  • Bill Murray lives in Charleston, SC right now. And yes, most of the stories of him stealing food are true.

  • One of the things I find the most bad ass, and something I personally believe to be one of the best qualities in a person is to be passionate about something and be grossly committed to making that passion work in life somehow/someway. It was good to hear Jim say some of this and I have a massive amount of respect for him and his perspective. Thanks for another great podcast.

  • Awesome scoring an interview with Jim! So glad he has made it back from his motorcycle accident. 5 3 1 is keeping me NOV. I totally agree with you Chris, he will never truly know his impact but I hope he has even a small sense of what he has contributed to improving and enriching the lives of so many.

    … and to get him with the drifta lifta too? Barbell Shrugged is killing it.

  • Great episode! Didn’t know what Jim was like but it was great to see his passion and ability to cut right to the truth whether you like it or not.

    I am 3 months into 5/3/1 and have seen big gains by just being consistent and patient and I have found a new love for training. He probably cant even imagine how many people he has inspired. Thanks Jim!

    I have two boys myself and can’t wait to read the book for his sons. Nice job guys!

  • What an epic episode! Really relaxed and chilled. It was great to hear such a badass talk with such charisma about what he loves.
    More episodes like this please.

  • I am on my 15th week 531. It works.
    Bottom line, it works and only works if you follow the system as it is written.
    5rm squat went up 120 pounds
    5rm press went up 60 pounds
    1rm bench went up 40
    5rm deadlift went up 80 pounds

    Cant wait for the 30 week program that you guys talked about. Cause I want to lift heavy shit for the rest of my life.

    I live in South Africa so we dont get the nice equipment at a decent price so I am going to build my own prowler out of old train tracks and scrap metal and give it a run to .


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