Barbell Shrugged

Your Guide to Kombucha

Doug Larson

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  • Everyone should drink and make their own ‘booch! Thank you for sharing the recipe. I would like to share some best practices used in my brews.
    Herbal teas: may affect the long term health of your SCOBY. The SCOBY requires certain nutrients provided by the tea plant, in order to thrive and survive. Herbal teas contain much lower concentrations of the nutrients (tannins, polyphenols, etc) and commercial brands contain oils and additives. Herbal teas to stay away from- peppermint, sage, chamomile, ginger, st. Johns Wort. Herbal teas also contain more wild yeast spores than black and green teas.
    Metal: kombucha is a super detoxifier and pulls all the harmful elements out of metals such as brass and aluminum. Stainless steel is fairly inert and some brewers will ferment in steel barrels. I make sure no metal touches my culture or tea in the first stage, just to be safe.
    Ceramic: be careful using this medium as some glazes contain lead! Be 100 % sure to use food grade quality. Go one step further and verify the vessel is not made in China. This goes for plastic too.
    Thanks again for posting this article and I cannot WAIT to make the jelly. It will taste awesome on some sourdough bread.

  • this is so timely as i just ordered a scoby last night ready to launch into making my own kombucha. I am so excited … thanks for sharing this 🙂

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