Barbell Shrugged

You need bone broth

Doug Larson

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  • My wife recently got into making/drinking bone broth. She’s tried a few different recipes, and each has been a bit too funky for me to stomach. I’ll have her give this a try. Thanks.

    • Paul. I either leave the bones soaking in cold water with the vinegar overnight or I just add it to the boiling mixture if I use the bones straight away. To be honest, I just do this because it’s what I was shown as a kid when I was taught to make broth and I love broth! Apparently it helps to bring out the “goodness”…. Could be an old wife’s tale but as they say, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!

  • excellent article! i’ve been making a batch of bone broth every week for the past few months in my pressure cooker, alternating between chicken carcass and ox tail. good stuff!

  • Thanks for the article! I’ve made bone broth three times in the past few months, each time in the slow cooker because it’s so convenient. One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that my broth always ends up with a brown layer of “floaties” at the bottom. I use cheese cloth inside of a strainer when I’m putting it in jars but that crud is just going through. I want golden, glistening broth like the picture in this article! Any tips?

  • Sarah, I meant to say that there will be a bit more junk in the broth if you use the slow cooker. You don’t get that simmer that allows you to scoop the junk off the top. I usually do mine in the pot. Cool it and sieve it a few times then re-sieve after it’s cool.

  • Great article! I love this stuff. I originally discovered bone broth after suffering for over 6 months with SIBO. This was the catalyst that began the healing process. So amazing 🙂

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for the great recipe, my first batch cooked through the night in my new slow cooker and tastes amazing.

    I was wondering how long it would keep in the fridge for? And is there any preference when storing, I.e air tight jars etc

    Thank you


    • Sealed container, yeah. Most things take on mystery flavors if left unsealed in the fridge. You could make a big batch and freeze some. In the fridge, should be good for at least a week. Any longer than that and you’ve just forgotten about it in there 🙂

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