Barbell Shrugged

Nuggets & Pearls 1: Too Much Coffee

Doug Larson

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  • Excellent morning read from abroad Chris.
    Today is day one of a three day Master’s CrossFit event where I am judging and supporting fellow Athletes from our complex. This will sure give me the pump to share positive vibes to the competing inspirations participating today.

      • Sure. Yet, only one correct way. Show some respect. Ive seen good men fight and die for that flag and come home underneath one. Its not a fashion statement, nor a curtain.

        • I’m not a military person. I didn’t hang it in honor to my country, although I dig my country. I put it up as a symbol of change in MY life. It’s MY flag in this specific instance. I get why people get uptight. But this is mine.

          • Same flag but seen from a different perspective front to back or back to front, as in this case, at least it’s not like the Brits union jack flag, upside down it means SOS!
            I’m a former military man, the flag is the flag, no disrespect intended nor taken

  • Hey Chris,

    Loving daily so far, I love learing new things constantly and being tested on what I think I know about training and nutrition and fittness. I’m a 21 year old broke college kid, and you said it best in 148 posted earlier, use this knowledge and never stop learning. Thanks so much for what you and the other guys do and keep doing it I love learning!


  • Hey Chris, what you said about playing more totally resonates with me. I super hate mobility work but love running around the playground playing with my daughter. Play more!

  • Chris,
    When you said more rowing, I immediately cringed thinking of the concept 2! I’m obviously just a CrossFit girl with no previous lifting experience but I’m learningggg! I just wanted to thank you for filling in my time between barbell shrugged episodes 🙂

  • Chris,
    You scared me with the title “too much coffee.” I thought you were going to say I need to drink less coffee… My bad, I jumped to conclusions, I should have know you would never put that kind of negativity out into the universe.
    I’m working on putting the extra rows into effect in my current training. Getting stronger every day. Thanks for all of the knowledge you’re constantly putting out there, it is greatly appreciated.

  • Great post Chris. As a home garage crossfitter sometimes I really drag and have a hard time getting started. Knowing I’m not the only person out there who sometimes takes an hour to put my shoes on was just the boost I needed today. Danke.

  • Great article Chris. I think the part that resonated most was in regards to playing to improve movement. Play seems like the perfect way to do this, to move as we were intended move. I go hard when I play with my four year old and I know it has a positive impact on my movement, my mobility and my overall well being. It doesn’t make sense not to take advantage of the capacities we’re building in the gym.

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