Barbell Shrugged

Questions on Nutrition w/ Jason Phillips – Nuggets & Pearls

Doug Larson

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  • Metabolic set-point, how does that work out for obese people? I know people that need to lose a lot of weight, and need caloric deficit, but what if losing weight requires them to go below that set point in their body, and it is unsustainable? Is this a point where the diet needs to be adjusted incrementally and the deficit is lower, thus reaching the goals is going to take a lot longer than they would really like to see?
    Is this where we essentially aim for a slow metabolic reset of their body, and go from there?
    I wish i had seen N & P before it was released, in time to ask earlier… oh well

  • Great episode and q and a session. Jason Phillips was the most impressive guest I have seen in a while. Good job guys and thanks for the resource!

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