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Boulders for Shoulders Bundle




Boulders for Shoulders Bundle


3 Programs:

  1. Boulders for Shoulders – Mobility and Stability ($47 Value)
  2. OTC: 1 Rep Max Bench Press Program – Raw Strength ($47 Value)
  3. OTC: 1 Rep Max Jerk Program – Speed, Power, Athleticism ($47 Value)

2 BIG Bonuses:

  1. Nutrition for Weightlifters – How to Eat to Gain Muscle ($97 value)
  2. Maximum Mobility – Warm Ups, Recovery, and Mobility ($197 value)

Plus! For the first 5 days, Mon. March 16 thru Fri. March 20th when you use code “boulders” at checkout you get an additional 50% off saving you over $350 on all 5 programs. So now’s the time!!!

Universal truths to growing Boulders for Shoulders.

Eliminate injury.

Increase Mobility.

Pack on Raw Strength.

Build speed, power, and athleticism.

This is the formula for healthy, mobile, strong shoulders.

Following this formula, we created the Boulders for Shoulders Bundle.

A better way to think about training your shoulders.

It starts with mobility. Without proper range of motion you are adding strength to dysfunction and it is the recipe for injury. That is why we created “Boulders for Shoulders.”

Then add raw strength. “The OTC: 1rm Bench Press Program” teaches you to load the shoulder joint to safely build strength

Finally, speed and power. You train that through the Olympic lifts. That is why we created the “OTC: 1rm Jerk Program.”

For all of it to work, you need to eat, so we created “Nutrition for Weightlifters.”

To protect your joints and increase recovery we created “Maximum Mobility.”

To create the most complete plan to get mobile, strong, and powerful shoulders, we created the Boulders for Shoulders Bundle.

Through March 20th, save over $350 plus additional 50% on the Boulders for Shoulders Bundle using code “boulders” at checkout.

Get Mobile.

Get Strong.

Grow Boulders For Shoulders.

If you have any questions please email help@barbellshrugged.com

Train smart,

Doug and Anders


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