Barbell Shrugged

New Year’s Resolutions: Do’s and Don’ts – EPISODE 157

Doug Larson

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  • Hi guys, love the show and look forward to Wednesdays to hear a new episode. A little puzzled about the New Year’s edition (episode 157) which is not on iTunes at all…? Am I being too eager? Keep up the great work and have a fantastic 2015!!

  • Hii, I’m new to the site..but I’ve been scouring it for days and listening to podcasts and all I’m really trying to determine is: what should I focus on strictly for fat loss (I’m a girl.), as far as training goes—am i supposed to be trying to lift heavier and lower reps than i normally have, or should i just focus on getting more reps? Does the metcon really not matter for fat loss? I’m just getting so confused and can’t figure out where to ask the question on the site. I do NOT want to get big muscles or gain a ton of muscle mass, nor do I really care about being particularly strong (but I like to workout in general and if i happen to get stronger as a result, that’s fine, as long as i’m not getting uncomfortably bulky)…and I’m getting confused between all the information i’m hearing on here and reading. I’m just now getting back into cross fit after being injured for a long time, and I want to get better results from it this time around. I did it for a little over a year and I just didnt see the changes I wanted to in how I looked physically. i was definitely stronger and more fit but I felt like I was just starting to look bulky and square. I also have a very small frame: 5’3”. i could never seem to lose fat around my stomach. My diet was about 70% clean at that time. I want to use crossfit better this time. The first time around, i would just go just to workout and try to be able to get strong enough to do moves i couldnt do, but I wasn’t tracking how much weight i was using or anything. If anyone could point me to an article that explains this best or respond on here or email, i would really appreciate it;). Do i just focus on eating more protein and as little sugar as possible and doing more strength training and less metcon?

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