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Sweet potato protein pancakes

Doug Larson

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  • Hey guys, this recipe is awesome but I can not recpgnize how much does large potato weights . Can you please for next time write weight of ingredients please ? Thank you, your page is awesome.

    • I prefer weights as well; there’s no telling how much “one large sweet potato” is. So…

      Weighing out half a cup of oat flour comes out to 1.9 oz (I rounded to 2 oz). If you add 3 large egg whites, that’s about 50 cal. The milk/yogurt, cinnamon, baking powder don’t add many calories, so to get close to the macro numbers posted, you’re looking at about 4 oz of sweet potato.

      Although the post should really be amended to say egg whites, in which case a volume would also be helpful for those just pouring from a carton — half a cup seems about right.

      I made the recipe with a splash of whole milk, 6oz of sweet potato, and 3 whole eggs — it was a little custardy / sweet potato heavy, so 4oz might be good.

  • What is in the chocolate peanut protein drizzle and how do I make it? This seems like a good breakfast for the wife and kids for Mother’s Day.

  • I’ve been put off by such things with names like protein pancakes but these look like they are the bomb. I will be trying them out this weekend

    • If it didn’t say protein, then it would be just a pancake recipe. Recipes aren’t silly, if you’re the kinda guy that would really like a treat that also has a macro balance. Great for sweet tooth and strength gains.

  • I was never a fan of anything more complicated than a bowl of oats or boiled eggs, but I have a couple of sweet potatoes in the cupboard, so maybe I’ll try this one. My sweet tooth tells me I’m gonna like this one.

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