Barbell Shrugged

Interview with Tim Ferriss on Creating New Habits, Self Experimentation & More! – Barbell Shrugged #162

Doug Larson

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    • Not to be an ass, but there are several grammatical and spelling errors in this article. Might want to have someone double check it before posting another one… Simple errors like that will make folks question the validity of the content and expertise of the subject of whom the article was written about. Just ‘food for thought’. I’ve done some editing for some folks so just passing this note along because it was something I noticed and thought you may want to be aware of.

      • Allie…I get it. But understand, this is basically me just doing the blog. Everyday that I can. Solo. If you want to toss it out because of a typo, your call. I don’t think most people feel that way though. It’s not the New York Times or English class. I’m just trying to share some useful ideas for those willing to read and hear us out. When we can get an full-time spell-checker, we will. Until then, writing something like 1k new words a day is hard enough, thanks. Best to you.

        • Youre good man. Perfectly imperfect more swayed to the latter lol o_O. Been putting out great stuff lately. You and the boys keep it up #thumbsup

  • I’m new-ish to the show and I wanted to say that I loved hearing about training to increase sprint speed for Track athletes!

    Are there any other episodes I should watch with info in this category?

    I am a Pole Vaulter trying to make it on my own in the big scary world of post-collegiate athletics. I got burned out and jaded in college doing a program that was ideal for some but definitely not for me. I’m now in the process of figuring out what works for me and what my body responds well to. I can’t thank y’all enough for all the information and lessons I’ve gotten out of watching Barbell Shrugged as well as listening to Get Change!

    After taking 2 years off I’ve been training again for about 5 months and I’m starting to set some lifetime PR’s in the weight room which I’m hoping will translate into Pole Vault PR’s in the near future!

    Y’all are awesome, keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Dan! Honestly, I think most of the shows would be good. Anything that makes you stronger, fitter and happier is going to help your performance.

  • Awesome episode, and I’m very excited about my follow-up work in learning more about Tim, reading his books, and touching up my own systems and morning routine. Thanks!

    • I can’t remember. Would myself just go back and listen to tell you…So, maybe just listen a second time 🙂 That helped me soak up the nuggets.

    • The first tea is called Pu’er, it’s a fermented tea from China. I think he also said he adds turmeric and ginger, plus some green tea, specifically Sencha. And then garlic if he’s getting sick 🙂

  • Loved the part about minding your “labels”! It is so important in every aspect of life.

    For anyone who is interested in more information about the Microbiome and pre/probiotics, Dr. Martin Blaser’s Missing Microbes is a great book, as is An Epidemic of Absence and Honor thy Symbionts. Also you can check out the Human Food Project for even more info.

    It’s a really complex issue and we will probably never know everything, but I did want to say that the permanent impact of taking Probiotics is pretty poor. That is to say that for the most part Probiotics are transitory, they may help temporarily but they are not known to actually take root in the gut. There is also the added issue that the Probiotics that we have are only the species that we have been able to identify and isolate, but the gut is WAY WAY more complex, so we don’t even know if the Probiotics that are out there in pill form are always the ones we need.

    Instead, it seems best to focus on limiting antibiotic use, especially in very young children (that way you retain the Microbiome that is unique to you) and eat Prebiotics (inulin, etc.) because they seem to help select for the beneficial bacteria by feeding them; this then allows the beneficial bacteria to out grow the possible malicious bacteria. Just be careful with Prebiotics and add them slowly (and I do mean SLOWLY) to your diet; well feed bacteria can produce a lot of gas initially and it takes some time to adjust. Sunchokes are my favorite Prebiotic, especially this time of year 🙂

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