Barbell Shrugged

Big strength from small moves – Get Change

Doug Larson

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  • Hey Chris!

    Thanks much for this short podcast on “Big strength from small moves – Get Change”! I recently incorporated a posterior chain workout (Plate and Barbell Hip Thrusters, RDLs, Good Mornings, Hip Extensions on the GHD) to help with my olympic lifts and kipping but didn’t know if it was overkill or not. So thanks for addressing and confirming the importance of the little things.

    I also greatly appreciated your class talk about the 5×5 and 5-3-1 programs and your explanation of how you would stick with them if you are making gains and how you would layoff when plateauing. I just plateaued with a 5×5 program and I was not sure what to do next.

    And finally, you mentioned that you weren’t getting paid for this audio clip from your hotel room but know that at least some of your listeners greatly appreciate you taking your own time to provide some words of wisdom for those in need of it. You will be rewarded in the end my friend, I am sending good karma your way! And I will be signing up for the Gainz Program when my current CrossFit membership ends!

    Keep up the great work over there at Barbell Shrugged!

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