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Experiment With Your Diet

Doug Larson

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  • what do you think of the zone diet. Is it a good way of me getting from 160lb to 180lbs alongside training.

    • David,
      The zone diet is a good diet. For me it is a little high on the carb content. For you trying to gain 20 lbs, I would say to steer away from the zone diet and not worry about the blocks. Zone is time consuming and in my opinion not the best option.

  • Hi Thomas!
    I was just wondering if you had any advice on timing in reference to carbs and fats for pre and post workout. My overall goal is to lose body fat. however, I am having a difficult time getting rid of the last 10-15lbs. My normal routine is CrossFit class 5-6x wk and 3-4 two-a-days.
    Thank you so much for your help!

    • Kris
      Great question and one i get quiet often. I would say limit your carb intake throughout the day. When you do consume them, get them post workout and make sure they are low glycemic carbs. As far as pre-workout, I would limit you calories in general. I am a exercise on a empty stomach type guy. Email me if you have any more questions

    • For me I like Dinner being the biggest. I think it is fuel for the next day. I don’t like eating alot through out the day because i feel like it slows me down.
      Hope this helps

      • I like dinner being the biggest too. I usually work out first thing in the morning, and I don’t have enough time to allow a proper meal to digest. When I have a bigger dinner, I can get away with just some fruit and peanut butter before my workout and feel sufficiently fuelled.

  • hey! Thanks for the article! I read the above comments and I am similar in that I’ve lost 75lbd in the past. Have put on a lot of muscle doing Crossfit. I can’t seem to lose the last 15-20. And I’ve experimented with paleo and diff things. I saw where you advised doing only carbs post workout. I can try it again but when I did low carb in the past I did not have much energy at all for lifting heavy. Should I stick with it for a few months even if I can’t lift heavy? (I just really love lifting heavy weights

  • This post is right on. Being in nutrition really does mean constantly self experimenting. I also love the point about ultimatums, so often we act like whatever diet changes we make are going to be or even should be lifelong, but diets change all the time. You really shouldn’t be eating the same way your entire life – babies require a different diet from toddlers from teenagers from a pregnant woman, etc. And from an evolutionary perspective, seasonal changes would have affected our diet on a cyclical basis – look at the Hadza, they eat very differently depending on whether it’s the wet or dry season. Overarching patterns are definitely the way to go, that’s why I love the 80/20 principle – it’s not “cheating,” it’s just the 20% 🙂

  • Hi! I was wondering what y’all would recommend eating at as far as a deficit, Maitenance, etc for fat loss/muscle building. Some members at my gym say they just eat clean and don’t track and have great physiques. I know plenty about nutrient timing, I just prefer having atleast an idea of how much to eat so any help would be great. Thanks

  • I am currently doing intermittent fasting to try to loose that last 15 lbs and lean out a bit. I have gained weight! How does that happen? Its not like I’m eating a bunch of junk either. I’m still eating healthy and counting macros.

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