Barbell Shrugged

Get Lean and Keep Your Strength

Doug Larson

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  • Hey Chris,
    Just had a quick question that you didnt really touch on (and might be a whole new blog post all together) and that is more about eating to lose weight while maintaining strength. I am very similar body size and type to what you were last year. I am 6’2″ about 300lbs now. I primarily trained strength before finding crossfit last year. There are not a lot of resources out there for bigger dudes trying to gradually lose weight especially while trying to preserve the strength that we have worked years for. What kind of meal volume and frequency would you recommend to achieve basically what you have been doing the past year.

    • 1. Keep carbs low, but eat plenty of great food. Under-eating will crush you.
      2. Lift heavy, but keep the volume down. Strain, keep muscle, but avoid beat down sets. Less calories means you don’t have the recovery bandwidth for that.
      3. For WODs, again, just move at high intensity for 20 minutes or so. DO NOT try to be a Crossfit Pro…Again, will crush you.
      4. Sleep 9 hours a night. That alone causes fat to go away.

      Best advice. 🙂

  • Chris,
    Great article as I am currently just starting a weightlifting program for myself. I dropped a bunch of weight by cutting calories but I started excercising and eating better and that has helped level me out and have a more realistic lifestyle. Anyway as I start my weightlifting life how do I know how to program my work outs? I mostly pick a muscle group and perform 4 sets of lifts that target those areas and mix in some jump rope. I also run 2-3 times a week. My goal is to look great in a tank top and to be generally strong and fit. I do tend store more belly fat than anywhere else on my body. Is it worth targeting an area of the body? If so any tips? I know it’s vain but oh well

    Thanks again Peace!

  • Lets say your doing 4×12 on bicep curls, when should it get hard?
    Should you be moving relatively quickly through all the reps and sets or slowing down and really having to work on the last reps of the last few sets? Should you superset these assistance moves? Like in between sets of bicep curls could you be doing bent over rows or incline dumbbell bench? How many exercises can you lump together? What should the rest time look like between sets? Did I ask to many questions?? Thanks for your time and all your work.

  • 1) fantasic read, valuable info – thank you!!
    2) I’d just like to take this opportunity to say that I LOVE and MISS the Get Change podcast. I keep re-listening to all the old ones. Some of those episodes seriously influenced me and my mindset and approach to life, so I want to say thanks for that, and please bring it back!


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