Barbell Shrugged

How do you get more testosterone? – N&P

Doug Larson

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  • After listening to the podcasts with Doc Parsley and Rhonda Patrick – I started taking D3 (around 4000 IUs), magnesium and zinc. It has been amazing. I’m sleeping better and training harder. Cheers for the info.

  • I wonder if Dr P have any input on John Welbourn’s comments on having to sleep between the hours of 10pm – 2am or 2pm – 4pm for the best effects. He seems to be the only person ive heard this from so it’d be interesting to get Dr Parsley’s ideas since he’s an expert in the field.

  • Is this accurate regarding melatonin and negative feedback? I’ve read multiple claims to the contrary. I’m almost all of the way through your sleep episode but don’t recall hearing specifics on this….however I was also lifting at the time, so could’ve been in the zone. Either way, you guys are the best!

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