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How Do You Go About Preparing Food For The Week? – N&P

Doug Larson

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  • I cringed a little when you guys mentioned the plastic crockpot liners. I’ve used them myself in the past, super convenient when cleaning up. Big concerns are chemicals in the plastic leaching into the food when cooked at high heat. I know they are labeled BPA free and all but there are so many other chemicals that go into making plastic that I just quit using them as it freaked me out a little. I’ve read that the chemicals mimic estrogen and can cause havoc in our (especially mens) bodies. I’ve also quit using the ready-steam or boil type vegetables which are sealed in plastic and designed to be cooked in it. I do still use rubbermaid style containers to store items in the fridge but I won’t heat them up in same.
    Any words of advice to calm my fears? Am i over reacting?

    • Well, note sure how much toxin there might be in one of those bags. But, I would think cooking at a medium temperature might help. Overall, not sure. All we know is that they are incredibly handy.

  • An idea that i’ve suggested for my guys at work (military) is that each person perpares one dish (Paleo) on Sunday. Then on Monday, bring that all each dish in and split them up amongst each person. This method gives you multiple different meals and you only have to buy ingredients for one dish as opposed to the many you would cook for yourself. And also I’m now only cooking once a week. This method saves $, time, and ensures a weeks worth of clean meals. This method also helps build a culture of fitness and comradery amongst the troops.

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