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How to add tempo, pause and drop sets to your training – N&P

Doug Larson

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  • You mention rep schemes for drop sets, but what about suggested [beginners] rep schemes for tempo sets and pause squats.

    And you focused a lot on squats, but what other exercises are good for pause, tempo, or drop sets? I’m sure a lot of them, so conversely, are there any exercises that either a) don’t benefit from them or b) are risky to do in this fashion?

    • Duran, you don’t have to mess with the schemes at first. For tempo and pause work, just add those elements. A simple session of 5*5 squats where you go down for a tempo count, pause, then squat is very effective. Hell, probably better for you at this stage then going straight into regular lifts. Try a squatting down for a 4 count or something, pause for 1-2 seconds, then explode up quick. That will work well. Try that for a month, adjust the time, and make some more progress.

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