Barbell Shrugged

You, much stronger in 2015

Doug Larson

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  • Chris,

    First time I listened to your “Get Change” podcast: I thought it was great. So timely and great advice/guidance as we approach 2015. Discovered “Barbell Shrugged” through Zach Even-Esh (the Underground is a great place!); love your stuff with Z and the trip to Pittsfield! Keep up the good work! I need to find some Abita with the grapefruit on the Jersey Shore!!

  • Chris,

    This podcast really hit home for me. 2014 has been a challenge physically. I hurt my ankle in 2013 which required surgery. Over the course of the past year, I ended hurting my shoulder (SLAP injury), herniated a disc in my neck when i got off my crutches and now dealing with herniated discs in my lumbar. The herniated disc in my lumbar has given me sciatica. I put on your podcast right when i was dealing with a flare up that had me unable to walk. It gave me hope.

    I am planning on moving this March and working with an agency that will allow me to travel from city to city. It’s always been a dream of mine since I was a kid to travel around the country. With the past year though I am nervous about whether or not I will be physically able to do it come March. I’ve been working for a year in a half to basically get my life in order to travel. Now I’m worried it might not happen.

    Another reason why I could relate to your podcast is this summer and fall i basically was forced to start off with basic workouts with light weights once i finished physical therapy. i repeated to myself that it is good because i was getting back to basics and relearning everything. It was nice in away but very frustrating. At 33 i feel like I won’t be able to accomplish the things I once was able to do. My gym is mostly college and grad students so that hasn’t help. Pretty intimidating, especially when i am lifting nothing. Previously I had done 3 natural bodybuilding competition to challenge myself and finally get in the shape I wanted t. I just started to work a trainer to transition from bodybuilding to more powerlifting when I hurt my ankle. Just feels like all that has gone down the drain.

    Needless to say, your podcast was exactly what I wanted and needed to hear. It made me excited again for what 2015 may bring. It also made me okay with the idea of starting all over with basics. I just wanted to Thank you. This is one listener that really felt inspired by your podcast.

    You’re awesome.


  • Once again, very entertaining and inspiring. Now to figure out what I’m passionate right now. Seems to change every 6 months.

    Looking forward to the next episode,

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