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Build A Better Engine

It’s the aerobic engine that enables you to outperform stronger people in metcons. Breath, pace, recover.

  • “It wasn’t a heavy weight but I was sucking wind by the second round”
  • “I’ve been hitting long metcons hard but I’m not getting better anymore”
  • “I start at a good pace, but 5 minutes in it feels like I’m breathing through a straw”
  • “I’ve been adding strength to all my main lifts, but I’m not getting faster in longer WODs”

Why does everyone seem to know that they need a strength program to get stronger, but no one approaches aerobic conditioning the same way?

Stop trying to get better by Metcon-ing your head against the wall. Just going hard on long metcons or AMRAPs will only get you so far. A systematic approach will build your capacity to pace, breath, and recover so you can perform better.

How You’ll Know The Program Works

The test for your progress is built into the program.

You’ll dial in your technique then perform a 5k row and record a few specific details.
At the end of the program you’ll perform the same test and compare your results.

Testing and retesting on the rower is better than using a metcon because there is only one variable. You’ll have an accurate picture into just how much progress you’ve made.

You’ll notice that where you used to hit your wall 5 minutes in, now you’re breathing and pacing through the whole metcon. With a developed aerobic engine, long metcons don’t have to feel like total suffering because you can sustain a strong pace the whole time.

A League Of Your Own

The top CrossFit athletes all have dedicated aerobic training. They sit on rowers and bikes systematically building their capacity for sustaining a high workload over time.

If you want to step up your game and see what you’re capable of, imagine what building an untapped aspect of your training will do. Workouts that used to get you huffing and puffing in just a couple of minutes will become one of your strengths.

You’ll be holding a good pace throughout the workout with enough in the tank to finish with a sprint AND recover faster for your next workout.

Program Details

  • 12 weeks
  • 3 days/week
  • 30-45 minutes each day
  • Best to have a rower but can run or use an Assault Bike as well
  • Can do in addition to your other programming

Meso 1 – Testing and pacing
Meso 2 – Building volume and intensity
Meso 3 – Higher intensity, then taper and retest

You’ll be breaking down the components of aerobic capacity and improving them just like progressive overload in strength movements. This program is designed to be done using a rower so best to have access to one; running or using as Assault Bike works if needed however.

Perform these aerobic workouts in addition to your normal strength work. The program is 12 weeks long and you can use the program again and again.

Best to either do them on days off from strength training, in a separate workout (Aerobic Monster in the morning, strength in the evening) or do it immediately after your normal training session.

Sample Workouts

Sample from Meso 1

12 sets of:
Row 30 sec @ 85%
Row 30 sec @ 50%

rest 5 min

10 sets of:
Row 30 sec @ 85%
Row 30 sec @ 50%

Sample from Meso 2

3 sets
Row 4 min @ 5k PR pace -2 sec
rest 30 sec

Then rest 5 min

3 sets
Row 4 min @ 5k PR pace -2 sec
rest 30 sec
10 min easy cyclical cool down


We guarantee your satisfaction. You’ve got 30 days to try the program – that’s Meso 1 – and see if it’s working for you. If you’re not fully satisfied, let us know and we’ll refund you 100%. 

See what can happen when you systematically build up your aerobic engine like you do with your strength work.

If you have any questions please email help@barbellshrugged.com

Train smart,

Doug and Anders


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