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Bands and Bodyweight for Hypertrophy




Bands and Bodyweight for Hypertrophy

Effective and Efficient Muscle Building Using Bands and Bodyweight

  • Do you want to increase muscle without weights?
  • Want a muscle building workout without going to the gym?
  • Need efficient and effective workouts on the go?


Hypertrophy Without the Weights

There is a simple, efficient, and effective way to build muscle without ever touching a barbell or dumbbell.

Not having a gym, expensive equipment, or hours a day to train is no excuse.

All you need for safe, effective, and efficient hypertrophy strength training is resistance bands and your own bodyweight.

There are three mechanisms to building muscle:

  1. Mechanical Tension – Resistance Training
  2. Muscular Damage – Rebuilding of muscle tissue
  3. Metabolic Stress – Light weights for higher reps

Nowhere in there does it say fancy gyms, heavy barbells, and endless time spent pumping iron.

You need simple, effective, and efficient training that grows muscle by adding load, breaking down and repairing tissue, and creating stress on muscles.

That is why we created “Bands and Bodyweight for Hypertrophy.”

A unique, one-of-a-kind approach to building muscle combining resistance bands and your own bodyweight.


Efficient, Effective Muscle Building

“Bands and Bodyweight for Hypertrophy” uniquely combines bodyweight strength training principles with creative, challenging, and effective resistance training.

Resistance band training is incredibly effective in its ability to add tension to muscles. The more you stretch the band, the more tension, muscle fiber engagement, and muscle growth.

Additionally, bands are light so you can do exercises, hit new angles, and build strength in ways that you just can’t do with heavy dumbbells.

Combining intense bodyweight strength training with resistance band training in rep ranges of 15-20 stresses the muscle and delivers the pump without leaving you sore for multiple days.

“Bands and Bodyweight for Hypertrophy” efficiently and effectively builds muscle without heavy barbells, dumbbells, and hours spent at the gym.


How Does it Work?

“Bands and Bodyweight for Hypertrophy” is a digital eBook training program that provides 30, muscle building workouts using resistance bands and bodyweight.

Each workout will take 30-60 minutes and can be completed as a stand alone workout or in addition to your current training plan.

Bonus Resources:

  1. How to Eat
  2. Macronutrient Guide
  3. Recovery Guide
  4. Video Movement Guide


What Equipment is Needed?

  • Resistance Bands of Various Sizes
  • Bench, Box or Chair


Sample Workouts

Workout 1:

A. Banded Squat 3 x 20

B. Banded Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat 3 x 12/ side

C1. Single Leg Calf Raises 3 x 15-20
C2. Single Leg Glute Bridge 3 x 15-20
C3. Natural Knee Extensions 3 x 15-20


Workout 2:

A. Banded Pull Down or High Angle Row 4 x 8

B. Half Kneeling Banded Horizontal Rows 4 x 10/ side

C1. Banded Curls 3 x 8
C2. Banded tricep Pushdowns 3 x 8
C3. Banded Face Pulls 3 x 15-20

D. Run (optional cardio) – Run 20 Minutes


Build Muscle with Bands and Bodyweight

Get off the hamster wheel. You do not need heavy weights to build muscle.

“Bands and Bodyweight for Hypertrophy” can be yours today for $47.

Click, “Add to Cart,” Apple Pay, or Paypal to purchase today.

You will immediately be emailed your copy of the eBook and have access to all 30 workouts to start today.

You will receive “Bands and Bodyweight for Hypertrophy” within 2 minutes of placing your order.

Purchase “Bands and Bodyweight for Hypertrophy” today for $47.

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30 Day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


Start Today.

Doug and Anders


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