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DIY Bodyweight Metcons




DIY Bodyweight Metcons

Conditioning Workouts Customized To Your Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Do you want to follow a program and have the freedom to do what you want?
  • Do you want workouts that make your weaknesses, strengths and your strengths stronger?
  • Do you want constantly varied workouts but also like to have structure?

Build Strengths, Challenge Weaknesses, Avoid Burnout

“DIY Bodyweight Metcons” gives you the power to follow a program and be your own coach at the same time.

You struggle pacing long metcons.

Short, high intensity metcons burn your lungs and legs and you need to block out the pain.

You have strong legs but you still need strength for better pull ups.

We all have weaknesses. All of us.

But hammering these weaknesses gets old, stops being fun, and leads to burnout.

Burnout is the ultimate fitness killer. You want to love your time in the gym, not dread it.

Plus, you have strengths, movements you enjoy, workouts that are in your wheelhouse, and make training fun.

“DIY Bodyweight Metcons” is your answer to making your strengths and weaknesses stronger, avoiding burnout, and giving you the freedom and flexibility to do what you want.


Structure + Flexibility = DIY Programming

“DIY Bodyweight Metcons” is the only program on the market that provides the structure for building a massive engine and the flexibility to tailor workouts to your specific needs.

We build the template:

  • Optimal training volume for maximum results without overtraining or injury
  • Movement patterns for full body, high intensity workouts
  • A drop down list of exercises that fit with the specific goal of each days workouts

You build the workout:

  • Select your own time domain
  • Select your own exercises
  • Select total sets for each set
  • Select rep scheme
  • Challenge weaknesses
  • Increase strengths
  • Build the perfect workout for you every time

The best of both worlds. You get a structured, tailored workout specific to your needs every training session.


How Does it Work?

“DIY Bodyweight Metcons” is a digital eBook template that provides structured bodyweight workouts that give you the flexibility to tailor to your needs.

Each workout will take 30-60 minutes and can be completed as a stand alone workout or in addition to your current training plan.

Bonus Resources:

  1. How to Eat
  2. Macronutrient Guide
  3. Recovery Guide
  4. Video Movement Guide



What Equipment is Needed?

  • Pull Up Bar or alternate object to hang from
  • Bench, Box or Chair


Sample Workouts

Each category has a drop down menu to build the perfect workout, just for you and your needs.

Workout 1 Template:

Select AMRAP duration

Select Leg Exercise            Select Reps
Select Core Exercise          Select Reps
Select Leg Exercise            Select Reps
Select Core Exercise          Select Reps


DIY Complete Workout:

20 min AMRAP                             Reps
Reverse Lunge                                    16
V-up                                                    12
Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat         10
Feet Anchored Sit-ups                      20


Improve Weaknesses, Make Your Strengths Stronger

Let us handle the hard part of writing a training plan. You don’t need to understand volume, movement patterns, time domains, and rep schemes.

You handle the things specific to your needs.

Want to work on some weaknesses? You got it.

Want to make your strengths stronger. Get after it.

“DIY Bodyweight Metcons” is the perfect combination of structure and flexibility so you can do what you want, any day of the week.

“DIY Bodyweight Metcons” can be yours today for $47.

Click, “Add to Cart,” Apple Pay, or Paypal to purchase today.

You will immediately be emailed your copy of the eBook and have access to all workouts to start today.

You will receive “DIY Bodyweight Metcons” within 2 minutes of placing your order.

Purchase “DIY Bodyweight Metcons” today for $47.

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30 Day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


Start Today.

Doug and Anders


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