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One Ton Challenge Nutrition Template




One Ton Challenge Nutrition Template

Simple guidance for more muscle, more strength, better performance & recovery through nutrition

Is Food Holding You Back

  • Do you stay sore for too long?
  • Are you not recovered enough for the next session?
  • Are you gaining too much fat?
  • Has your hard training gotten you too lean?
  • Feel like your strength gains are coming slowly?
  • Worried that your eating is holding back progress? 

You shouldn’t have to become an expert in nutrition to get great results from your training. We’ve seen so many athletes who hold themselves back because they eat too much, too little, or the wrong ratios. Athletes need nutrition guidance that requires zero research and minimal extra effort. 

Stop Winging It

How you grew up eating is not optimal for strength.

How you ate in college is not optimal for strength. 

When your goal is to gain serious strength, just eating the way you’re used to eating is hurting progress. Your body needs easy access to all the necessary nutrients. Stop winging it to get the best out of your training. 

Automatic Adjustments

  1. Set your baseline to get your starting intake amounts.
  2. Input daily weight and the program makes all the adjustments to your calories and macros for you…easy. 
  3. Prep and eat the types and amounts of food clearly laid out for you and get wicked strong. 

You’ve got enough work to do in the gym, don’t settle for choosing between winging your nutrition or spending hours researching what should work for you based on your weight, goals, activity, and cycle of your training. 

Our nutrition template is designed specifically for strength athletes to get great results with minimal input.  

If you know the specific results you want and bust your ass in the gym to get there, why would you neglect nutrition?

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Train smart,

Doug and Anders


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