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What the Hell is So Cool About Obstacle Racing w/ Spartan Race Champion Hunter McIntyre – EP 160

Doug Larson

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  • Chris, how you ended that description is just what I needed to hear: “You are much tougher and much stronger than you think. You can do anything you want in this life, you just haven’t proven it to yourself yet.” I have my first crossfit competition happening in a few short days in Des Moines, Iowa. I’ve actually only been doing crossfit for 5 months and my partner is far more advanced than I am! Needless to say I am already experiencing the shiver, doubt and fear that I will let her down. But I’m going to try to keep reminding myself of your inspirational words. Thanks for being awesome!

    • Thank you, Liz. You will be fine. The nerves are natural for everyone, so don’t worry too much about it. At the end of the event you’ll be thrilled and on fire, trust me. Just don’t worry over the outcome.

  • Guys, good luck this weekend, it’s so much fun, once you’re finished. During the beat down not so much. We did the World Championships last September in Pittsfield, it was armeggedon. Keep up the amazing work. Are you guys doing a Sprint, Super or Beast?


      • Last year when I ran obstacle race first time in my life I thought I was be the lamest member of the team but surprisingly the race showed that I was stronger than I thought and I really enjoyed the race. I guess you’ll be surprised by yourself too. Good luck!

  • Haven’t watched the video yet but I want to say that for me crossfit is not just weightlifing or metcons. Crossfit helps me to be strong, improves my coordination and endurance. And obstacle races (we have Hero Race in Russia for example) are great test to see what you can do in natural circumstances when you need to run, jump, hang, swim, carry heavy things for a distance and so on. In other words you check your ability to survive and I think it’s a great experience and a way to evaluate of your skills aand find weak spots.

    By the way last year I took part in obstacle race with crossfit exercises: we pulled wood logs, climbed a wall, farmer’s walk with kettlebells, rope climbing, pull ups and so on. It was interesting too.

    No I’ll start watching.)

  • Hey Guys,

    You touched on a point similar to your discussion with Dr. Andy Galpin again here with Hunter. Hunter is a total idol of mine, I’m huge into CF and OCR’s and have been playing with my own training regimes for the last 2 years (I’m also 6’2″ 180!). I train in a very similar fashion to what Hunter says in this episode (albeit at a lower volume). My question is how does one train to increase strength, without gaining too much (or limiting) muscle mass. Are there training methods to do this, or is it a nutrition thing? Both?

    Thx for any input!

    • Muscle will not limit you. In fact, I would be working on strength pretty hard. Heavy barbells. Progressive sets week to week. Eating a diet with plentiful calories. That’s the course. Again, you need muscle. So make room for this training.

  • I registered for my first Spartan Sprint as a result of watching this podcast. I’ve got 17 weeks to get into the best shape of my life. Thanks for another week of inspiration!

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