Barbell Shrugged

Beating the bully inside your head

Doug Larson

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  • Wonderful-I had my share of mean girls who teased and picked on me growing up and my little sister(I stood up to a lot of them for her too)-thank you for writing this!

  • Must have been our answer to the bully but the GarageGym crew and I did 20RM Back Squats at 5am. You are never alone LaSalle! Way to inspire the fire and live the code!

    Shine on.

  • Thanks so much for that article it resonates so much for me right now. I am going through some difficulties right now and this pepped me up a bit to know that I’m not alone.

  • Great article. The bully inside is harder to beat than the bully on the outside. 3 weeks after I completed the Sealfit’s 20X challange, I find myself defeating the bully inside more and more. BTW, thanks for your insight on 20X, Sealfit and Cmdr. Divine.

  • The script in my mind can only survive and thrive off suffering, or the mind-identified state of consciousness: fear. I battle this daily and have to be present. I meditate, I continually forgive the past and realize that salvation is here in the NOW. The future is only an illusion, happiness is attainable today.

  • THX soo much all day and every day its a fight in my mind ! I train harder, but when I suck on a WOD it’s a chaos in my mind and when I finish to read this its just like wow ! Im not alone with this freaking probleme ! THX again Chris

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