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Squat the House




Squat the House

12-Week Back Squat Program


The Defining Lift of Strength

There is one lift that defines strength.

One lift that builds full body strength, improves every other lift, and is the most functional movement performed in the gym.

The Back Squat.

As it goes up, all of your strength numbers go up.

As it goes up, your metcon times go down.

The Back Squat is the defining lift of strength and “Squat the House” is a 12-week program to grow your 1 rep max and set new PR’s.


Strength and Balance

Improving your 1 Rep Max back squat comes down to two concepts”

Step 1: Improve Total Strength – “Squat the House” is uniquely designed to build your 1RM Back squat over the next 12-weeks but building full body strength through the back squat. The Early staged of the program are characterized by heavy loads and high volume. As the volume decreases, intensity (load) increases peaking in a new 1RM in 12 weeks.

Step 2: Eliminate Imbalances – Carefully selected accessory movements and drills are programmed to eliminate imbalances, build resiliency, and add volume to musculature that improves your squat.


How Does it Work?

“Squat the House” is a 12-week, online training program.

There are three workouts weekly.

Each workout will take under 30 minutes and should be completed before and in-addition to your current training plan.

Bonus Resources:

  • Workout Log Sheets to track progress.
  • Video Exercise Demonstration
  • Progress Report


What Equipment is Needed?

Barbell, Plates, or Medium Heavy Dumbbells (50/35) that you can standardize your workouts to track results.


Sample Workouts


12-Weeks to a New Squat PR

“Squat the House” can be yours today for $47.

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Purchase “Squat the House” today for $47.

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30 Day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


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Doug and Anders


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