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Functional Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Template




Functional Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Template

Build Muscle. Lose Fat. Eliminate Imbalances.

  • Want to look good and move well without sacrificing aesthetics?
  • Ready to get jacked following a program and also have some flexibility to do what you want?
  • Do you want a completely customized training program for your lifestyle and goals?


Customized Functional Bodybuilding Workouts

Customized to your goals.

Customized to your equipment.

Customized to your lifestyle.

Build Muscle. Lose Body Fat. Eliminate Imbalances.

In order to optimize, you first need to customize.

The Functional Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Template is a roadmap to optimizing your training with customized workouts designed to make you stronger, leaner, and a more complete athlete.


Maximize Your Muscle Building Potential

It is time to take your training back to its roots.

Building lean muscle, gaining strength, eliminating imbalances and creating symmetry.

Combining functional movements with old school bodybuilding, customized to you goals, equipment, and lifestyle to maximize your muscle building potential.

The Functional Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Template optimizes volume, movement patterns, and frequency for your training.

From a drop down menu, based on equipment, weaknesses, and strengths, you choose the exercises you want to complete for the day.

Every workout is customized to fit your goals, equipment, and lifestyle.


How Does it Work?

“Functional Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Template” is a digital eBook template that provides structured workouts that give you the flexibility to tailor to your needs.

Each workout will take 45-60 minutes.

Bonus Resources:

  1. How to Eat
  2. Macronutrient Guide
  3. Recovery Guide
  4. Video Movement Guide


What Equipment is Needed?

  • Barbell and Plates
  • Dumbbells
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Bands or Cables (both are optional)
  • Cardio Equipment (running is always an option)


Sample Workouts

Workout 1 Template

Workout 1 Complete Workout


Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Eliminate Imbalances.

Customize your training to fit your goals, equipment, and lifestyle.

Building muscle has never been easier.

Combining functional movements with old school bodybuilding to get you the strength, hypertrophy, and results customized exactly for you.

“Functional Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Template” builds lean muscle, burns fat, and eliminates imbalances.

“Functional Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Template” can be yours today for $47.

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You will immediately be emailed your copy of the eBook and have access to all workouts to start today.

You will receive “Functional Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Template” within 2 minutes of placing your order.

Purchase “Functional Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Template” today for $47.

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30 Day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


Start Today.

Doug and Anders


If you have any questions please email help@barbellshrugged.com


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