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Stay Home Super Bundle




Stay Home Super Bundle

Optimizing Strength, Metcons, and Muscle With Minimal Equipment

The Stay Home Super Bundle is for the At-Home Athlete with minimal equipment that wants to increase their strength, conditioning, and hypertrophy in 8-weeks.

What You Get:

  1. DIY Bodyweight Metcons – Bodyweight Strength + Conditioning Workout Builder ($47)
  2. Advanced Bodyweight – Muscle Building Bodyweight Training ($47)
  3. Bands and Bodyweight – Hypertrophy Focused, Band and Bodyweight training ($47)
  4. Kettlebell Physique – Hypertrophy Focused, Kettlebell Strength Training ($47)
  5. Aerobic Monster – Increase Aerobic Capacity with Running, Rowing, or Airdyne ($47)

Two Bonus Resources to increase recovery and dial in your nutrition:

  1. Maximum Mobility – Joint-by-joint assessment, exercises, and drills to increase mobility ($147).
  2. Faction Foods Nutrition Course – How To Eat and Create Systems for Health and Longevity ($97)

Total Retail Value $479 for all 7 Programs.

7 Programs for the Price of 2 saving you over $350

The “Stay Home Super Bundle” brings hypertrophy, muscle, and engine building training programs to help you achieve maximum results with minimal equipment.


Muscle, Metcons, Minimal Equipment, and Maximum Results.

The most comprehensive, goal specific, at home training bundle to optimize your training.

High Intensity Metcons: “DIY Bodyweight Strength and Metcons”

Bodyweight Strength Training: “Advanced Bodyweight”

Hypertrophy and Muscle Building – “Bands and Bodyweight.”

Hypertrophy and Aesthetics Training – “Kettlebell Physique”

Increase Aerobic Capacity – “Aerobic Monster”

Nutrition and Mobility complete the “Stay Home Super Bundle” to ensure you have every resource available to optimize your at home training.


Added Bonuses

Maximum Mobility walks you through every joint in your body, assessments to test range of motion, and provides insight, tools, and exercises to increase range of motion, recovery, and mobility.

Faction Foods is an all inclusive resource for building a solid foundation of nutrition, habits for health and longevity, and the best techniques, tactics, meal prep, grocery lists, and recipes to ensure success.


Sample Workouts

“DIY Bodyweight Metcons”


“Advanced Bodyweight”


“Bands and Bodyweight”


“Kettlebell Physique”


“Aerobic Monster”


Recommended Equipment

  • Pull Up Bar or Something Similar
  • Rings, TRX, or Suspension Training System
  • Bench, Box, or Chair for Dips
  • Bands


Muscle and Metcons with Minimal Equipment

With the right program, building muscle is easy, increasing aerobic capacity is easy, and learning new skills is easy.

Yes, it is possible, and you will wake up every single morning stoked to workout, At Home.

Barbell Shrugged’s “Stay Home Super Bundle” is the most comprehensive resource for building muscle and better metcons with minimum equipment.

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